Facebook can use your Member Content!

 More changes for Facebook users.. Are you a Facebook member..? Well if you are, just recently Facebook changed there privacy rules to allow them the full rights to your Facebook content, even if you cancel your membership. This will allow them to possibly share your photo, your about me information or anything you post on Facebook to other places they choose..

facebook can use your private content

Before this recent change Facebook only had rights to use any content posted on its service while the user was a member of the service. If you canceled your membership there rights to use was no more..

A big concern for current users is the idea of there images which they have assumed to all be private will now have permission to be used by Facebook if they so choose.. So if you see your image somewhere else it could possibly be them behind it originally.. I have a Facebook account myself (add me up if you like) and am wondering what possibly they could use of my own profile, however luckily for me I do not disclose that much to Facebook and do not use there inferface that much.. As for others the no privacy issue could be upseting..

With these new changes many around the blogosphere are blogging in protest about it.. What do you think..?

Some Interesting Facebook Member Facts..

  • Facebook now has over 175 million members and climbing – Now that is a lot of members..
  • Has more applications than any other Social Network – I am always amazed at how many applications I get invited to everyday.. Is there an application to stop some of these applications..?

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