Finally a Free Registry Fixer Program that Works!

A few days ago the dreaded happened on my laptop. A Virus… Ahhh… It had me trying to fix my computer for days and was the main reason i have not posted here in the last few days… My Antivirus program AVG detected the Virus (A worm) however even after removing it the laptop was lagging and running badly.

The Virus was a type of worm that even after i removed it from my computer completely, had changed a few of the registry files to make your computer run really really slow…. It almost got to the point of reformatting and running a clean Xp install, however i decided to try a few free registry fixer programs first. First of all i tried a number of programs that claimed to be free but were really just demo’s.

That has to be the most frustrating thing a software company can do is say “try for free, fix your registry”. Then when you install it and run a scan and then the program says “please upgrade to fix…” Talk about a trick there..

However i kept looking and finally found a free to use program with restore features and it worked, it cleaned my registry and now my computer works great again. The program is called  Glarysoft Registry Repair 2.7. At first i saw the upgrade tab and thought oh no not another one, but this program lets you use it fully. If you upgrade it just gives more features. 100% freeware it says on Glarysofts website.

Screen Shot below of Glarysoft Free Registry Fixer Program

free registry fixer that works!

I thought i would share this registry fixer with my readers as it took me days to get my computer back to normal. If anyone goes through this same situation with there registry, this should help.

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