Fishing for more Blog Traffic with Twitter Trends

twitter keyword trendsHow this technique of getting traffic works is very similar to the Google Keyword Trends post I did recently. Basically with your blog and the aid of Twitter Tools you post about topics with a Twitter keyword trend in it.

Below is a Three Step Plan to using Twitter Keyword Trends for Traffic.

1. )  Sign into your Twitter account then go to the home of Twitter.

2. )  You will see in the right sidebar 10 current Twitter keyword trends. These results tend to change hourly. They are the popular discussions on Twitter and so writing an informative article with the keword of one of these on your blog can drive some in demand Twitter visitors to your blog.

3. ) Visit the trends questions of the keyword trend you like and look at what Twitter people want more information on. If your post solves some of the questions, then wolla, let them know this and post a link in a reply. As long as you are helping people solve a question on a discussion it can drive some great extra traffic without sounding like a sale.

Good Answers.. Good Traffic.. And Lastly More RSS readers..

In the end make sure you have plenty of good answers in your post and also that you use the plugin Twitter Tools to get your posts twittered automatically. With this method it can be quite time consuming as finding Twitters that are questioning some of your blog posts answers to reply to can take time. However it is a really good method for finding loyal visitors to your blog (possible RSS readers too..) and also what to write about in your niche.

None of the Twitter Keyword Trends Relate to your Niche.. Well then do a Twitter Search

If you find one of the Twitter keyword Trends does not relate to your blog niche another method is to do a question search on Twitter for something in your blog niche. When you find a topic related get involved and look if there is some questions not answered. These are great blog post gaps within the discussion. Write about it and see what happens.

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