Five Steps to Detect a Super Affiliate

five steps to detect a super affiliateBelow is a list of five steps to detect a qualified Super Affiliate from other Affiliate Marketers. First of all to quickly define what a Super Affiliate is, it is a affiliate marketer that receives large amounts of sales from affiliate programs and is generally one of the top earners in any promoted program… The main preference for this is high levels of traffic to your website or websites however below is some other ways to detect a Super Affiliate.

Five Steps to Detect a  Super Affiliate

1)  Extremely High traffic website or websites focused on particular Affiliate Programs – Blogs are one of the best examples as well as niche content based websites. Websites that receive over 1000 quality visitors a day have high potential to qualify for this…

2)  Large amounts of email readers such as RSS readers (feedburner) of over 1000 means they have a good audience to promote products to…

3)  Larger websites means more search engine pages indexed meaning more traffic..This gives more opportunity to receive high levels of traffic and more affiliate sales…

4)  Is referred by other top bloggers and websites like they are a brand name..

5) Receives special treatment by certain Affiliate programs – This is a good indication of a Super Affiliate!

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