Five Ways to help Create Link Bait

five ways to create link baitFirst of all what is Link Bait? Link Bait is where other Blogs link to one of your posts on there blog to write more about what you were discussing in your post. How nice is that?

There are many ways and techniques to create Link Bait on your Blog. The most important aspect of creating link bait is not only for the search engine ranking factor but you are creating free exposure for your website. Very similar to a review in a lot of ways.

Overall as a rule good content and well written posts create good blogs to link to you, however is there ways you can improve the amount of other blogs that link to you?

Here is Five Ways that help create Link Bait for Your Posts –

  1. Always discuss the Benefits in a post, don’t focus too much on yourself. Focus more on how this information can help the reader..
  2. Write a good Title that has a impact on the reader… Questions seem to work well…
  3. Competitions and Free Services Create Link Bait..
  4. Keeping on top of the breaking news so you can write about it first…
  5. Using the Social Media Networks such as Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Blogcatalog etc…

I’m seeing more and more blogs out there using these 5 techniques above to create links to there blog. It appears that using Link Baiting techniques is becoming another popular form of free exposure for any Blog out there.

Now where did that Link hook go? Oh that’s right it’s with the Bait…

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