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Well i have just discovered the crazy world of Twitter and wanted to do a review on the social network. How Twitter works is unlike any other social networks.

follow me on twitter

What you do is open a free account, and you can post really short comments about what your doing during the day in 140 characters or less.

It’s like an update about all the things in life we usually don’t share. Like watching a tv show, making the bed, or going to the pub for example. The things we leave out of our usual life, Twitter allows people to be kept up to date on the little things we are doing now.

Here’s an example of a Twitter Update or comment :

twitter follow me

Also do you use WordPress because you can be keep your Twitter account up to date with your blog. This is with the handy plugin Twitter Tools by Alex King. This allows every new post to be shown in your twitter account for what you are doing now. As like even with this post a Twitter update will be shown shortly after i have published this post.

“Twitter me this and Twitter me that…”

Not sure as yet if it will be good with business updates for my blog, but it sure is an interesting concept in social networking.

If you wish to keep in touch with Me or the Buyers Web blog on Twitter or to sign up click here. People beware Twitter can be addictive, so use with caution. Move over Facebook welcome to Twitter.


  1. great strategic advertisment for your blog!

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