Four Easy Steps to Opening up a Paypal Account

One of the first aspects of working online or earning money online is you want to be able to receive payments from people. The credit card and payment receiving merchant account i recommend is Paypal. Not only are they the lowest costing Merchant Account but they are also recognised by more buyers today than any other payment system. And lastly let’s not forget they are free to use, no monthly fees, only a small 2.4% per transaction.

“Real Time Credit Card Transactions… No Monthly Fees… Low transaction fees… That’s Paypal…”

To open up a Paypal account and receive money can be done in a couple of easy steps.

1)  Click Here to be directed to Paypal to open an Account. (Screenshot Below of Account types)

easy steps to open a paypal account

2) Enter all your details and click agree – Screenshot below (Premier account is the standard Paypal Account for buying and selling online)

easy steps to open a paypal account

3) Confirm your email and account by going to your email and following the link in that email.

4) Lastly, by adding a credit card or bank account to confirm your identity and allow unlimited transactions.

Now you should be able to send and receive money using your email. The best thing of all is when you earn money using  Paypal as payment you can withdraw at any time to your local bank account your earnings. The many merchant tools for using Paypal are provided from within your Paypal account.

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