Free Affiliate Link Cloaker Plugin for WordPress

I have been meaning to do a post on this, I always believe when you come across a great free plugin for wordpress the best reward you can give the designer is a post about there product in return for the time they originally put into it.. This post is about the Go Codes Plugin.

The Go Codes Plugin is designed for all sorts of links, it can be used to shorten long webpage link urls (like tinyurl) on your website or it can be used as an Affiliate Link Cloaker.. On the technical side the plugin creates a redirect using htaccess and a php script..

Go Codes can be used as an Affiliate Link Cloaker.. Screen Shot Below of it in action in your blogs WordPress admin..

affiliate link cloaker

 Screenshot above of how to create shorter urls in Admin with Go Codes.. This is a screen shot of just a few days after adding and as you can see it includes tracking hits..

To see it in action you can also see it on many of my affiliate links on my blog..


To something like –

Affiliate Link Cloaker – The Benefits

What are the benefits of using an Affiliate Link Cloaker such as Go Codes you may ask..? There are so many benefits to affiliate marketers, it cleans up affiliate links, shortens long urls, stops affiliate link stealing or manipulating to name a few.. The biggest benefit to me is it prevents loss of rightful commissions by people looking at your affiliate url and then typing in the main url in the address bar.. Unfortunately this is a common part of affiliate marketing unless you use a redirect program to cloak your affiliate links such as Go Codes..

“You could use Tinyurl Link Cloaking redirect services to redirect all your affiliate links or you could use Go Codes and have them professionally redirected from your own blog with your own url..”

Not only that, Go Codes (Link Cloaker) is okay with google (and the main search engines) as it goes under the redirect aspect of cleaning up messy looking affiliate links. In order to be fully compliant however just make sure to dissallow the go folder in robots.txt to stop the search engines from following the redirect link.. An example of this is –

( The line to be added is Dissallow: /go/ )


User-agent: *
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /go/
Disallow: /archives/
Disallow: /trackback/

For more information on this great affiliate link cloaker or redirect plugin called Go Codes, visit the designers page..


  1. Great find. This is exactly what I’m looking for.And it’s free too. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the plugin. Just what I need.

  3. I have only recently realized the benefit of cloaking my affiliate links, great info thanks!

  4. woo hoo – thanks!

  5. Thanks, but where is the link to download the link cloaker plugin ?


  6. plugin not working on WordPress-3 version, Is there any new plugin for this?

    • Hey Aamir,
      Works fine on all my sites, maybe you have a conflicting plugin that is making it not work on your site. Also there are two gocodes settings pages in admin, one basic settings and one setting up the urls. The one under TOOLS sets the url shortening.

  7. Thanks for the plugin…

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