A Free Signup is Affiliate Commission Heaven!

So many affiliate programs to choose from it can almost make anyone dizzy, what if i told you there were many programs out that paid for free referrals to there affiliate program. I especially think these are some of the best programs to sell. In a way it is like saying thank you for the referral even if they may not produce any sales in the program.. Most of these do however provide a small commission, which is understandable and commonly if more sales are produced in future then further commissions are passed onto you… A nice bonus hey..!

Basically any service leads that are free to customers are generally the best marketing platform. The user signs up for free for the promoted program and then if later chooses a paid service or product within this program you make a extra commission. Sometimes the commission could be from other referred sign-ups by the affiliate member you referred. This is possible in two tier or more paid programs.

Whatever it is, in your next years affiliate marketing campaign why not focus on a few affiliate programs that are like this, the conversion can be a lot higher and can increase you overall next years earnings…

Some Examples of Affiliate Programs that Pay Per Lead – (Free Sign-Up Commissions for Referrals)

  • ¬†Performance Ads
  • ¬†Pepperjam Affiliate Network
  • ¬†NEXToffers Credit Card Affiliate Program

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