Goals : Blogging for 5 cents per Minute

blogging till 5 cents per minute goalIt’s always good to have beginning goals for your website and i have just put my goal up on my wall… We all have to start somewhere first so i thought this would be a good realistic Goal for the Buyers Web Blog…

What i came up with was a long term goal as the Buyers Web Blog is still a young blog..

The Goal reads for www.buyers-web.com –

“Buyers Web Achievement Goal – December 2008. BLOGGING for 5 cents per Minute Earnings”

In a earlier post i wrote about achieving realistic goals, this is one of those ones i mentioned. blogging goal 5 cents per minute earningsIn order to achieve my goal i have to look at many aspects as i build my blog up. As i go along i will inform you of my progress. Here is a list of some aspects i want to achieve to help get to this result.

  • 3000 feed email readers plus by December, currently under 100 (this blog only started a month ago)
  • 1200 unique visitors a day or more by December
  • Quality advertising and placement that relates to this blog. eg Bidvertiser
  • Writing 3 quality posts a day for readers
  • Inserting and using the social networks page ratings on my blog posts
  • Using more Seo with some of my pages and posts

Well there you go i have shown my long term goal for Buyers Web for this year. If you wish to help me achieve this goal and be kept up to date, why not Subscribe to Buyers Web by Email

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