Goddess…Goolengook forest blockade tribute…

I wrote this poem back in 1996…When i wrote it i was young and was blockading down in Goolengook, down in east gippsland in victoria…It’s how i felt at the time when Norths ltd and other multinationals were destroying the old growth forest…We had many months of slowing the loggers down and i hadn’t seen civilisation in many months…a long tome…The forest Goolengook is now mainly gone except for a small section that was made in to a monatorium…Looking back at this Goolengook campaign reminds me of the other multinational crimes that are going on in the world now…

Goddess…tribute to Goolengook!

Since time begun they destroyed our heritage,
Our Lives,
Our people,
They took our wives, daughters, sons and men,
They even took our trees and our land,
They moulded the land into there evil selves,
Dry and empty, dry and empty, dry and empty.
Sadness dwells with and i feel it,
To kill is to become a killer,
And they kill everything i hold true,
So to destroy them i must do as them.
Destroy there ways, there tools,
To become crazy like the warrior,
And use my tools like the darkness.
The time is nigh and no one else cares,
Bless my soul, bless my soul.
Love the earth and she shall care,
Because dying for her is an honour,
And she shall guide my plan to bare.
Never again, never again,
Be a dead man walking amongst dead….

I call this poem the Goddess dedicated to Goolengook…meaning planet earth…the poem is copyright to timon weller and won international poem contest for the international poetry society in America for 2002…i dont mind people putting it on the site of blog just as long as you put my name as writer as this poem means alot to me…


  1. wow! this is way too good! what a talent, SALUTE TO TIN!!!

  2. Hi Timon
    As I am a tree lover I completely understand your feelings (well at least I think that I do).
    In March I posted about just one tree in my neighbourhood that got slain by the storm Emma on March 1. It was a jew tree (taxus baccata) 800-1000 years old.
    Would be great if you could share some more pictures of the forest Goolengook, just for commemoration.

  3. Timon Weller says

    Yeah thanks Wilbau,
    Yeah i will do another post on Goolengook soon and more Goolengook Pictures. Wow that tree was old, would of been an amazing tree. Thanks heaps for the understanding of my poem too…

  4. mmm im a bit late on this little thread…im actually in Goongerah which is real close to Goolengook and i was there when they logged it last….last election they promised to add gook to the Errinundra National Park but still have not (almost three years now)….and there is actually quite a lot of gook left, its just really bad because where they have logged it is pretty much in the middle of the block….anyways i wish i had seen goolengook when you were there i got there in 98 so they had already logged some of it….

  5. Hey Neatz,
    Yeah I know Goongerah, It is a beautiful area as well.. It is sad to think these sort of aspects of life exist where common sense is ignored for someones profit.. I am glad to hear there is still some left and possibly they are adding this to the national park..

    What they took however was amazing.. Back when it began it was like Jungle and animals everywhere..

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