Good Contextual Ad Placement – Part One

Good Contextual Ad PlacementGoogle Adsense, Bidvertiser, Adbrite, Yahoo Publisher Network, Clicksor… First of all where should you place the ads on your website or blog to generate the best income….? Every website is a little different depending on theme, colour, look style. However there is a general rule on good placement.

First of all if you use Google Adsense then listen up as this one is important. Google Adsense ads don’t open in a new window (bidvertiser ads open in a new window), they take over your website or blog so always place them after a post, like the bidvertiser ad placement I use below. Let your reader finish reading your post or page first.

“A lot of web owners put there contextual ads at the top of a page or post to increase clicks which does work. However over time you will lose a lot of valuable readers and repeat visitors. Less repeat visitors less clicks in future. I always recommend using a program such as Bidvertiser that opens the contextual ads in a new window as well.”

To increase clicks you could have a little one to be seen if visitor are not interested in your topic, however through my own research i believe it is better to use and recommend a good catchy affiliate banner instead (related to your website).

Next one is don’t over do it, one ad place per page is recommended not only for looks but the ppc price is lowered the more you use on one page. So less increases the amount you get per click.

After that make it blend to your website and stand out by adjusting it to look like your template and background… This makes a huge difference in clicks and looks. I always go with main background colour and same colour links for the ad link colour. Also because so many people use contextual advertising you need yours to stand out above other sites by making them look part of your site..

“I can’t say it enough, presentation is so important.”

Last advice for part one of contextual ad placement, if you place the contextual ad box in one spot and it receives low clicks then move it to another and then another. Play around with it until your click through rate (CTR) improves.

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