Google Donates to Burma (Myanmar) Cyclone Victims

If you have gone to Google recently you might of noticed there link to aid of the cyclone victims in Burma. The cyclone called Cyclone Nargis hit the southeast Asian country a little over a week ago.

Death toll is around 28,000 with another 33,000 or more is missing. Google has offered by aiding up to 1 million dollars to the victims of the disaster. For more detailed information on the Google aid go to there Myanmar support page.

It’s sad to think that Burma is going through yet another ordeal. But i am glad to hear the web company Google is helping in the cause. Google has promised to match donations up to $1m. Others such as the Bill Gates organisation will aid 3 million.

“Thumbs up Google and Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation for all the aid…”

Even though Google and many search engines have been banned by the Myanmar Government for Internet use it is good to see Google and others are helping the people there. Many web users in Burma have reported that access to Google, Gmail and other Google services had been blocked by the military junta governing the country. It doesn’t stop there though, the flow of any type of information in and out of the country has basically stopped.

While hoping some of the news is hearsay, it has also been speculated that the Military Junta has also been blocking some types of aid workers entering the country. Not to mention the people having to deal with all this tragedy from the cyclone, it’s horrible to think of more restrictions on this beautiful country and the people in south east asia.

I’m glad that organisations such as Google, that make money online are using it for these good causes and hopefully more and more aid will help these people in Burma get back on track.


  1. Hats off to google aid and bill foundation.

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