Google Losing Search Engine Traffic to Bing And Yahoo

This is another interesting one, according to many top authority SEO sites, they are saying that Google is losing traffic over the last week in favor of its competitors. While this may all be hearsay, there is a lot to this rumor that maybe true. Google recently rolled out a new algorithm that is effecting many sites and like many know Google has always been favored by webmasters as choice for rankings and traffic. Well that has changed of late, with new sites, blogs and low content sites like i revealed yesterday rolling out.

People are very quick to change and if you beat on your audience ( webmasters predominantly are Google’s target because of Adwords and because of rankings ) it is very easy for them to change as well.

Many people do not remember this, but Yahoo used to be number 1 before Google started favoring content based sites and webmasters.

This is what is commonly on First Page of Google Now after Algorithm Update :

– Algorithm update End of March to Now so far

  1. No content sites like the one i noticed yesterday for make money online
  2. Sites with less than 10 pages – No authority
  3. A lot of scraper sites – This is where a spammer copies someones hard work and then puts it on the web
  4. Authority sites that have spent years creating great content gone and no where to be seen
  5. Sites being targeted for using too much SEO, what the, SEO is what makes a site readable to readers.
  6. Sites being targeted for using a blogroll or network links – Well that was a harsh one seeing as these are usually there for value and less for ranking. Everyone knows a blogroll link has little value in SEO. Why punish when instead you could just discount these links value. How many authority sites use blogrolls or similar? Millions..
  7. Sites being targeted for using too much headings, I don’t know about you but i like sites that use headings, it makes it easier to read.

So what is left then on top of Google Results..

  1. Sites with no headings
  2. Little SEO value on page meaning less interested in reading
  3. Less authority so possibly new or spam
  4. Small sites with low value content getting top ranking
  5. No content Sites getting ranking – Hmmm, it may be a good time to roll out some video blogs..?

That does not mean that all effected by the change in algorithm are changing to Bing or Yahoo, however a large amount will because they are loyal based on good results and like any trends they can change if results like these shown yesterday keep rolling out.

However with that being said, I am sure Google is seeing the stats and eyeing there next best move. Whether it is to roll back and bring back the good search or to open the door to a lessor audience. I guess we will wait and see.


  1. Oh wow, i just noticed that this site is being effected now in Google. Google traffic dropping, Yahoo traffic and referral traffic rising. This site has never over done SEO, has over 600 pages of totally unique content that has taken me years to make into a high value resource..

    Come on Google, don’t ruin your search engine..?

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