Google Sitemaps can handle up to 50,000 urls!

Google Sitemaps can handle up to 50,000 urls!Do you use Sitemaps..? If you do not you should as they are a great way of letting the search engines know what urls you have on your website.. Google sitemaps is a free service where they frequently check your sitemap for any new urls to add to there index.. As Google is one of the biggest search engines it is a recommended service..

In the past I have always designed my sitemaps with 10,000 or less urls, and splitting them up if there is more.. I was pleased to hear when checking Google yesterday they are indexing up to 50,000 urls in one sitemap and the sitemap can be up to 10 mb in size..I always knew Yahoo could do more than 10,000 however it is good news to see Google does as well..

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