Guide to setting up Multiple Streams of Income – Part Two

In this part of setting up multiple streams of income i will discuss the power of Affiliate Programs and Contextual Advertising. Now that you have your traffic coming to your website and a nice template as i mentioned in part one you are now ready to look at Affiliate Marketing and contextual advertising on your website.

When looking for a good Affiliate program to suit your blog or website there are some important elements to look at. Here are the elements to look for :

  • Is the Affiliate Program related to your Blog or website? It is very important to make sure they are. When they are, not only will be helping readers but you will be giving something they are looking for so a lot more clicks and sales.
  • Make there affiliate ad links are compatible looking with your website or blog, the look and structure.
  • To begin with don’t go too excessive on Affiliate programs, stick to using about 4 good ones and then as traffic grows add more of them until you have like around ten good quality Affiliate programs on your website.
  • Always give a good Affiliate program a go, if the don’t produce any sales after a few months then try another.
  • Look at using commission based Affiliate programs as well as residual based.

Once you have about ten good performing Affiliate programs on your site, you might consider not adding anymore as you have to remember you don’t want to make your website look spammy because of advertising overkill…

The idea with using affiliate programs is if all ten good programs produce around 100 dollars in sales per month you are looking at an extra $1000 dollars a month in revenue from your website. For any website that receives around a thousand targeted visitors per day to there website this is a very easy and possible figure.

guide to setting up multiple streams of incomeThe second aspect of setting up Multiple streams of income i wanted to look at is Contextual advertising. With contextual its best to not go overkilling the look of your theme. A balance here is the key. Personally myself i prefer Bidvertiser for contextual ads mainly because there ads open in a new window and the other reason because you can edit the bid price used on your website. How you earn with Bidvertiser is they pay you, the publisher per click that is received on your website.

After you receive 10 dollars or more in earnings Bidvertiser will deposit the accumulated earnings into your Paypal account which you can withdraw at anytime.

Some good places to place these forms of contextual advertising (Adsense or Bidvertiser) :

  • At the bottom of posts in Blogs. I especially recommend the small box that has two advertising links only.
  • Around text in your post or on your website

Remember how in part one I have emphasized a small amount of each form of advertising to produce large incomes from multiple streams. This is important for two reasons, to not annoy your current readers and secondly to not oversell. Well the second form of contextual advertising to consider is Infolinks for your website. guide multiple streams of incomeThey can work along side Bidvertiser or Google AdSense and do not violate any terms or conditions. They also pay on PPC earnings from your website. They get a good ROI for clicks compared to most contextual programs because they are in your content.

The big bonus with Infolinks is because there ads are in text on your content they blend well into your website without it looking spammy. Also Kontera ads can be opened in a new window which is the biggest advantage in any advertising program. Keep those visitors on your website as well and make money, win win for you and the reader.

Overall with contextual advertising a lot of visitors are needed for your website. I would only recommend using them if you are receiving around or more than 1000 visitors a day to your website. When receiving that amount they are a great extra source for multiple streams of income from your blog or website.

The figures we are looking for here are around 100 to 150 dollars per month per contextual program. Sometimes depending on your website you might have to play around with placement until you are getting like a 2 % or more on rate of clicks. Meaning approximately 2 clicks per 100 visitors. If you are only receiving 1 % in clicks that is also a good click ratio.

With these two forms of multiple streams of income you can see how it can generate an extra $1300 a month or more for your website with only a few minor changes. In part 3 of the guide i will look at paid advertising on your website and how it can create another stream of income from your website.

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