Guide to setting up Multiple Streams of Income – Overview

Okay so we have looked at all the aspects of multiple streams of income in parts one to four. Now let’s sum up all the streams of income to what it’s potential is for your Blog or website. Let’s have a look at the figures so to speak.

Template Part One – Does your template provide adequate room for advertisers and generating an income?

Affiliate Programs Part Two – 1300 dollars per month from 10 good Affiliate Programs each one producing approximately 100 each profit each per month. The 1300 includes some contextual advertising as well.

Advertising Part Three – 300 Dollars a month from 10 Advertisers paying 30 dollars each per month.

Reviews Part Four – 300 Dollars per month per 10 reviews.

Overview of Earnings on a Website or Blog from these Multiple Streams of Income –

All these streams add up to 1900 Dollars per month or to be kind let’s evenly round it up to 2000 per month in earnings. Please note these earnings are for the website or Blog that is generating a preferable amount of targeted traffic. Anything over 1000 unique targeted traffic visitors a day has the potential to earn this amount per month. If you are receiving half like 500 unique visitors then halve the amount.

You can see now that with these few minor changes you can implement on your Blog or website you can have the potential to earn around 2000 dollars per month in revenue. If you enjoyed the Overview, why not Subscribe to Buyers Web or share this post with one of the social networks below.

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