Guide to setting up Multiple Streams of Income – Part One

When people start an online web business a lot of people fall for the trap of setting up only one avenue of income. While in some circumstances this is good with retail websites, with content websites it is different.

I will show you why and how with websites that are based on content such as blogs it is important to set up multiple avenues of income. Not to mention by using multiple you also safeguard your site from income vulnerabilities as well

What do i mean by Multiple Streams of income?

  • Small amounts of earnings from Multiple Affiliate programs
  • Small amounts of earnings from Multiple Contextual forms of advertising
  • Small amounts of earnings from Multiple reviews
  • Small amounts of earnings from advertising on your website

Did you notice i said small a lot, because by themselves for a small blog or website (500 visitors a day or less) they don’t add up to much, but with all of them combined you have a website money making machine. Even if all of those 4 aspects above only earned you earned you around 50 dollars per week each, that would mean :

50 x 4 = 200 dollars per week
200 x 4 = 800 dollars per month

elegant themesNot bad hey for making a few modifications on your website or blog.The first step to any online website is getting the traffic first. Are you getting a good amount of traffic coming to your website per day, example around 500 plus visitors? Assuming you are, then you can now setup you website or blog to generate multiple streams of income as well.

In part one i will focus on presentation of your website, the template. There are so many good templates you can use on your website yet so many people fall for this first step by ignoring this one. As i recommended in a number of previous posts people judge websites by how they look. You have 6 seconds on average to hook the customer or reader to what you offer, so presentation helps a lot. One of the best online theme providers which you all may have noticed here on Buyers Web is Elegant Themes.

If you are using WordPress there a number of free templates out there that you can use to change to your liking. Just do a search in the search engines on Free WordPress Templates. Now that you have looked at a lot of nice looking templates consider some of the below aspects in the template before implementing to your blog or website :

  • Does it have enough room for advertising without it looking spammy or cluttered. guide multiple streams of incomeWebsites that look overdone in advertising can be frustrating to a reader. A good clean looking template is always the best and then modify advertising links or images to suit your website or blog.
  • Does the theme colour suit what your website is about? This is very important as colours are very psychological to readers.
  • Does your template look unique? If not, this is something to work on..

If you answered yes to all the above points then you are now ready to start setting up your website or blog for multiple streams of income. In part two i will go through affiliate programs and contextual advertising. If you enjoyed this post why not subscribe via email to Buyers Web (top right under subscribe) or share with one of the social networks below.


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