Guide to setting up Multiple Streams of Income – Part Three

multiple streams of income online Now that we have looked at all the aspects to set up in part 2 now it is worth looking at paid advertising. What do i mean by paid advertising? Paid advertising is where a link or image link is put up on your blog and the advertiser pays the blog owner a price for it being there.

The benefits of this form of advertising for the advertiser is huge. Not only are they getting more exposure for there website, especially when the advertisement is related. But it also gives the impression to readers that this blog recommends this form of advertiser. An example of this is by looking at the 125 x 125 px box link in the right column of this blog. Please be aware to follow Googles guidelines with this one in order to keep your rankings, so add the nofollow link attribute to any advertisements you use. If however your blog does not care about Google traffic then you have much more freedom to market how you like.

A usually price for advertising on a good traffic site would be around 30 – 50 dollars a month. It’s important not to charge too heavy on this as this is a residual form of income for your blog. At that price and that good amount of traffic it’s easy to see that most websites would only need to get one sale from that blog to cover the advertising charges.

Is that likely? Yes it is very likely when the advertisement is related. After that sale all sales referred to by the site to the advertiser is there profit. What a bonus for any business and another way to get more exposure and repeat future business.

The benefits to the Blog owner is that they get a bit of extra support while they write. As your traffic grows on your blog or website allow your site to have around 10 of these forms of advertisements. You don’t want any more after that as it lowers your click base for the advertisers on your website. I have found at a traffic level of 500 visitors or more a day your site can generate 2 to 3 targeted visitors to your advertisers on your site a day.

That’s 60 to 90 targeted unique visitors a month. That’s a great bonus for any advertiser online.

What the figures for this stream of income look like as an example :

10 x 30 = $300 a month… (Not bad hey).

In conclusion paid advertising is another good Multiple stream of income for your website or blog. If you wish to enquire about this form of advertising on the Buyers Web Blog feel free to contact me anytime through contact us above. In part four i will discuss paid reviews and using them in conjunction with your blog or site.

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