Guide to setting up Multiple Streams of Income – Reviews – Part 4

In this part, part four i will focus on Paid Reviews as an extra stream of income. How paid reviews work is you write up a review of a website and put it in a post and you charge a small fee for the process. It’s important to not get carried away with the price. A small fee of around 30 dollars should be fine, especially when your Blog is young. However once your blog is much older any price $100 dollars per unique review is quite reasonable.

Want More detail on What is a Blog Review? A blog review is a review of someone else’s website. It would have a description about there services or products and how they can benefit people and your readers. Basically it is sum up of there business with usually one link to there website below the write up. It is a good extra bit of traffic for any website owner as well as the Blog owner. These are also sponsored posts where adding the rel nofollow link tag is important if you wish to comply with Google’s guidelines as well. Remember you are selling traffic, not SEO value. If however you are not so concerned with Google’s favor in search engine rankings then that will not matter to you and will have much more freedom as discussed in part 5 as well.

This isn’t a big element to multiple streams of income, i would focus on the efforts of maybe maximum 10 a month. The main reason being is you don’t want you blog to just turn into a review blog do you? Make them no more than a third of your blog posts i recommend. Also as all wise SEO experts say “make sure they are all related to your Blog!”

Reviews are a good extra element to have and also provide something to write about if you are wondering what to write about that day. As you have probably already seen some Blog owners charge a lot for these reviews. It’s important to remember that if they do charge a lot for website owners, make sure you do your research on how much traffic they receive.

While there are more multiple streams of income i will not go into there detail in Part Five as these are the main ones i believe have potential. If you wish to contact me about a review of your website on here then let me know by contacting us above. In Part Five I will summarize all these Multiple streams of income up together to show income potential as your Blog grows.

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