Have you seen the StumbleUpon Traffic Surge?

stumbleupon traffic surgeHave you heard of Stumbleupon…? To sum them up they are a unique website reviewing social network which rates and reviews websites by calling them stumbles. I started noticing Stumbleupon more and more by the traffic reports i was getting in my Blog Stats. I noticed all these traffic surges were from Stumbleupon.

How do you get traffic from StumbleUpon you might ask?

Well how you get traffic from Stumbleupon is by people in there community writing reviews on your website posts, articles, photos, videos and more. Simply when you install there toolbar you can contribute a web page to them you like by clicking the like button or review button.

This review or like will be shown on the Stumbleupon website on your profile. The more reviews or likes to a post or page the more traffic that page will receive…

My highest traffic surge from referred Stumbleupon traffic was 120 visitors to my post How to beat a Blogging Addiction? All of these 120 visitors was from one hour… Impressive hey…

have you seen the stumbleupon traffic surge


have you seen the stumbleupon traffic surge


The above is a recent example of some Stumbleupon traffic surges to this Blog. Overall Stumbleupon has been proven to be a great free extra source for online traffic to your website. As you can see below in this post there is a Stumbleupon link so visitors can easily submit my posts if they like them.

So next time you view a good web site or page online you think is worth sharing, why not think about Stumbling it yourself and give it a try. If you already have a Stumbleupon account, why not be one of my friends by visiting Timon’s Stumbleupon Profile and adding me.

For more information on Stumbleupon or if you are interested in becoming part of this social network you can simply sign up by viewing my Stumbleupon profile.

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