Hey I got my Google PageRank Back!

When checking my blog yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to see I have gotten my google PageRank back (Phew!), it goes to show Google Reconsideration can work as long as you abide by the google guidelines and rules. Even though it is not as much green as before or as much as I hoped it still looks good..

hey i got my google pagerank back - thanks google

Some Honesty About My Blog and Me…

Since getting my PageRank back, I have decided to start providing less recommended affiliate programs on here and more online advice, I know at times i have been promoting this and promoting that. I did do this with good intentions, however some of my readers have got me wrong..

First of all — “All the provided affiliate programs I have discussed in the past on Buyers Web are ones that I have tested thoroughly and want to only recommend paying or performing programs to you, my readers. This way it is less testing for you and I can give some honest feedback for my testing..”

Anyways back to my point, I want to provide more advice to you as readers, I mean I do make money online, so I should promote less and show more tactics on how you can too..  Give more back so to speak.. I am sorry if to some of my readers I came across as a total market focused blog, I will try to correct this in future.. Thank you..

Let me know what you want Discussed here on Buyers Web?


  1. Check the live pagerank (multi-datacenters) of your website for free at tools.khrido.com/webtools/pagerank-checker.aspx

  2. Yeah nice one, I will check out this google pagerank tool… 🙂

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