High Affiliate Commissions can mean Lower Sales

high affiliate commissions can mean lower salesA lot of you may think by selecting some of the highest earning affiliate programs you will be earning more, the truth is this usually means less sales.

Some of the best affiliate programs I have worked with have been small commissions. Even some programs as low as five dollars per commission can make more than one that earns 20 dollars per commission. I will tell you why this happens..?

People are like us when purchasing online, they are looking for three elements before purchase –

1. ) How will it help them? – Is this product or service going to help them, If so why..?
2. ) Testimonies of the service or product..?  – Who else uses it and did it help them..?
3. ) Price – Is the competition of the product or service cheaper elsewhere and is it as good..?

Each of these elements above are developed by conditioning through life.. Best of all, by understanding them better they give you the clues needed to sell better. This is not saying average products do not convert, it is just saying these elements are looked at each time before a sale.

The last aspect here is price, everyone wants a bargain right.. Everyone wants a great product or service and they want to feel they got the best price they could find for this.. This means that if there is plenty of competition, your price either needs to be lower or it needs to be a better service (or product). And unless you can prove a better service to customers most will go with price.

Overall high commissions a lot of time can mean too much markup on the product. I would much prefer to promote a good product or service at a great price rather than trying to promote an overcharged product. That way most of the benefit is passed onto the customer and a smaller amount onto you the marketer.

Small Affiliate Commissions can mean Higher Sales

So in a way it can be the opposite with a great Affiliate Product, Small Affiliate Commissions can mean higher sales. Mainly because you will get more sales. My all time favourite affiliate programs for conversion and sales are free for customers to join.. That way there is no pressure for the customer and if later on they decide to purchase anything or use the service, I get a commission. Some good examples of these types of programs are Cashcrate, Bidvertiser or Performancing Ads.

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