Highly Recommend this Toolbar : Free Google Powered Toolbar!

highly reommend this toolbarI don’t recommend burnt toast or off milk or undercooked meat but i do recommend this Toolbar. Yes Buyers Web has a toolbar and i know your excited.

“If your going to download something online this year make it this Toolbar. Highly Recommend”

Let me list all the benefits of our free Toolbar –

  • Be kept up to date with the Buyers Web Blog on Making Money Online, Seo stuff and other Ramblings through its own RSS reader.
  • Radio – Listen to all your favourite local stations or worldwide radio stations from the Toolbar. You can dance as you browse online…!
  • Email Notifier – Let’s you know when you have new mail without going to your email account. If you are waiting on a email it will let you know straight from the Toolbar.
  • Privacy – Blocks popups, can be turned on or off anytime..
  • Local up to date weather forecast – Yes you don’t even need to go outside no more to look at the weather, you can just look at the toolbar.
  • Google powered search features as well as Buyers Web search and some other favourites you might like. Ebay, Amazon, etc….
  • Many more fully customizable features..
  • Can be uninstalled at anytime easily..

free google powered toolbar download

Some Testimonies of people who use the Buyers Web Toolbar already –

“Marianne Diaz – I like your Toolbar and so does my brother. They mainly like the Radio so they can listen to music while the browse online.”

“Lyndsay Cabildo – Installed your Toolbar and i have to say its better than any i have used before, the email checker and Weather is so good.”

“Joy Mcleary – I’m a teacher and i need a toolbar that checks my emails as well the search features are good. The way you can search the dictionary from the toolbar helps heaps. Thanks..Highly recommend this Toolbar to my friends”

“Heath Milne – I sell and buy on ebay a lot so i like that i can search straight from the browser and also when i get a sale the email checker tells me when i have the payment email. And the radio is so cool, just what i need, have a great day!”

Overall the toolbar is a great addition to any browser. You can be checking for new emails, listening to music, checking the weather while browsing the net. What else could you want…? Download Our Free Toolbar

Requirements: – Works with both Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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