HOME by el-eigh

HOME by el-eigh

Home by lyndsaySitting infront of my computer today,
Made me feel somewhat out of way,
I’m missing someone I haven’t even seen,
Though it seems together we have always been.

We don’t know yet if it’s real,
Who knows if ours will someday be for real,
And I must say I am still afraid
Yet Thankful for that one who somehow made my fears fade.

I always think how is it like?,
To be with his arms around me tight,
How his green eyes tell me a lot,
That our souls want to separate not.

When I asked for light, I saw the light,
And guide me to where I should really be,
I think I found my way home…
Finally, a home who asked me not again to go.

By Lyndsay Cabildo

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