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Have you tried Hostgator for web hosting? If not that is okay, in this post I will go over what is Hostgator?, Why I think Hostgator is one of the best web hosts online?, What they have to offer a website owner or those thinking of opening up a new web hosting account? and Lastly my good experience with them.

hostgator main review(Main Hostgator Page)

Firstly before I get started on this review, you may wish to view Hostgator first. ( opens in new window, so I will not lose you )

What is Hostgator?

Hostgator is one of the largest online web hosting companies out there hosting more than 4 million websites across the internet. They are basically a household name when it comes to web hosting because of there sheer size of people using them. They provide quality hosting at cheap prices, domain name purchases, SSL certificates and have received many rewards during there 7 plus years of service. There hosting costs range from a low $3.95 a month hosting all the way up to VPS (Virtual Private Servers) type hosting services going from $19.95 a month, to the massive business of a dedicated hosting server going from $179.95 a month.

Basically whatever online web hosting business you run, Hostgator can cater for and most likely help lower the costs as well.

compare hostgator accounts review(Hostgator Accounts)

Above you can see some of the many basic to business class web hosting options Hostgator can offer you as a user, each one totally tailored to suit whatever online business you want or have.

Why I Think Hostgator is One of the Best Web Hosts Online?

The main reason I believe Hostgator is one of the best services online is because of a number of reasons. They provide fast uptime as well as stand behind that giving a 99.9% server uptime guarantee for the owner, they make it easy on the wallet and also allow as many websites (urls) as you want under the one account.

One of the many reasons for inspiration of this Hostgator Review was because of my first experience I had with them a year ago. I wanted to allocate some of my busiest online sites to a new web host and spent many hours, days and even weeks looking for a good host that could suit my needs, I kept putting off signing up for many by reading bad reviews or there support system looked lousy. I later heard about Hostgator as an option, when buying a new website from Flippa. I really did not want to sign up at first, but had to, due to easiness of new site transfer.

Afterward’s I was glad I did, I now run around half of my online websites on Hostgator and have to say they literally rock. There up-time is great, they have a good support online system and they made it easy peasy to move some of my websites. Since using them they also saved me money as they allow coupon use, which I will get to later in this Hostgaror Review that makes the purchase even cheaper.

What Does Hostgator Have to Offer a New or Existing Website Owner?

Some of the many aspects Hostgator has to offer includes a easy to use Cpanel system, where nearly every option a website owner could want is. Imagine if you wanted to start a online empire of multiple sites but did not want to pay a fee for extra websites, if this is you, Hostgator can do it. Imagine if you wanted an easy to use email system, a auto installer of WordPress or many scripts via Fantastico. Hostgator has it. Or if you wanted to create a small or large online shop then Hostgator has FREE shared SSL as well.

hostgator uses cpanel 11( A View in Cpanel 11 which Hostgator uses)

fantastico screenshot in hostgator

( Fantastico auto installer Screen Shot seen inside Hostgator’s Cpanel shows many options of scripts. One can simply choose what script they like, select and then go through the easy install to website options. Takes literally minutes. )

All of these together are only some of the reasons. Look above in the Screen Shot for some of the many m0re benefits one gets. This is the view of the Cpanel as well as in the Fantastico menu.

My Review – My Good Experience With Hostgator?

When I opened up my account with them, I went with the 3 year option. I decided this because they offer cheaper packages for those that do longer account purchases. After opening I have not had a single problem with there service, not even once have I noticed the server down and the speed is also great ( As a tip fast loading websites is important for many reasons, including reducing customer bounce rate, reader loyalty and including SEO ).

After nearly a year with them now, still not even a single issue. This is all I can say here. Great news all round. If you have had any problems feel free to comment below your own personal Hostgator feedback and review.

How Easy is it to Sign Up for Hostgator?

Hostgator is no problem in the sign up process, only a few pages and a small waiting time and then your account is setup. What I find is they do not even charge your credit card until you are well and truly online a few days later which is a great benefit.

Below you can see the easy to use sign up process for a basic cheap Hostgator Account.

Step 1

( Choose Your Domain Name and then enter discount coupon code. This one being the best discount – timonspecial which gives 25% off the complete package you choose )

Step 2

( Step 2 – Select the hosting option – 3 years is cheapest and then enter your address details and payment details. Then click CREATE ACCOUNT to complete your order. DONE.. Hostgator will now process and complete your order and within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email to finish the last few things. )

To sign up for Hostgator Now Click Here.

Hostgator Review – Cpanel 11 Video

In the above video, one can see what Cpanel 11 looks like ( Hostgator account ) and some of the applications one can do within there.

Hostgator Coupons

As a BONUS, Hostgator provides coupons for when one signs up so you can get a much cheaper deal on signup. To find the best coupons, can take a lot of time so I posted the best two which I use for myself or when recommended them. Some of the best coupon codes to use at the moment are –

timonspecial = 25.00 Percent OFF!

Simply copy and paste the above timonspecial to get 25.00 Percent OFF! code in at order sequence ( as seen above in screen shot ) to receive a massive discount on your order.

Other bonuses Hostgator offers is $100 dollars FREE in Adwords credit which can be redeemed within your cpanel. This is a great starter for any new website owner.

  • –  Free SiteBuilder and SiteStudio Website Building Tools
  • –  4,500 Free Website Templates
  • –  52 Free scripts can be instantly installed on your account with a few clicks (Fantastico)
  • –  $100 in Google Adwords Credit

When looking for a good web host online sometimes it can be difficult, while finding what works best for you can take you time, effort as well as even cost you money. What I recommend you do, if you are thinking of changing hosts to a cheaper option or a better service, then I really urge you to try Hostgator as a good option.

Oh, did I mention they also offer for new or existing web owners –

  • Free Domain Transfer!
  • Free File Transfers!
  • Free Database Transfers!
  • Free Script Transfers!

Any Other Aspects to Consider With Hostgator?

Other aspects to consider is the support system, while a lot of web hosts provide just one service, Hostgator has also a phone service as well as a online chat service. To some this may be small bonus, but to me if an issue happens and I need support, it can cost me big money. If this is what you need as well, then this is another aspect not to ignore.

As can be seen above in the screen shot, Hostgator is run by Wind Power, plus they offer a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

Last Thoughts on Review – On What Hostgator Can Do?

My last thoughts on there hosting plans is the options of what they can run, so far I have had no issues with running scripts on there server, I run Cron, use massive PHP scripts, Oscommerce, WordPress to name a few and each is handled well. For those technical they offer Mod Rewrite, curl, shared SSL ( as I mentioned above ), allow autoresponders, are WordPress friendly, Ecommerce friendly ( I use oscommerce ) and lastly and most importantly to many, they offer a easy to use system with Cpanel 11.

So in conclusion to my Hostgator Review without going into more and more details, I give them a A+ Rating for Web Hosting. I reserve this sort of ranking for no issues or problems, as well as I recommend them as a highly valuable and top rated online service. If you yourself uses Hostgator or have something to say about my Hostgator Review then add your own perspective or review to the subject below in comments.

If this review on Hostgator Web Hosting helped you in any way, then please consider sharing this post in the social networks, bookmarking ( for later ) or adding me as a friend in many of the social networks I am apart of. Also if you are thinking of signing up and decide from my post to do so, please consider signing up through my links within this post above.

To sign up for Hostgator Click Here.


  1. Paul the Jump Starter Guy says

    Host Gator is the best web hosting company I have ever used. I have tries some of the others but in the end I just end up moving my site back to my original account at host gator.

  2. If in the event I decide to use Hostgator, how many websites can I list and what are the costs for multiple sites??

    • Hey William,
      Hostgator allows multiple addon domains, no limit and no cost to have multiple addon domain names with the hosting other than the domain name cost of course..
      Have a nice rest of the day..


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