Choosing Your Hosting and Domain Name

The Most Important Step To Making A Money Making Blog Or Website is the Hosting and Domain Name!

Did you know that Hosting and A good Domain Name are the number first aspects any newbie needs to know before starting a blog?

Why? Because most people fall for the same problem that causes them not to make money online and that is not choosing a good domain. It is crucial to your ability to make money and so picking a good name and attaching it to some good hosting is the most important step before creating any blog.

What Does This Mean?

This means you cannot create a free site with a sub domain and expect to make money. You NEED, seriously your own hosting and your own unique name, this is crucial and I am serious, you do not want to waste your time here.

What Should Your Domain Name Be..? 

Well good question, in my Book “Six Figure Blogging” I go over in detail how to pick a good domain name and hosting for your site. It needs to relate to your niche but more importantly it needs to be unique as well. Trust me on this one, using your own name is not a good idea for a niche, choose instead a combination of words relating to what you offer somewhere on your site in order to make money.

One example being say you wanted to run a site on Hiking Gear, would you try to name your site The space being an idea to fill to make unique to you and your audience. If so you are on the right track, however it always best to try to narrow down your niche as much as possible as well in order to have less competition in your niche. Then once you have narrowed down a really unique topic that you love then choose your name around that and then that way if you branch out topics into the main niche later you will stand out based on your original speciality.

First of all when it comes to hosting and you are ready you want to know what my preference is? Well, my preference is Hostgator and I will tell you why in a few words, they are fast and they are affordable and they are reliable. ( Not to mention i use them on most of my sites.. )

Other than that you should read this below topics in order to get a better idea on Hosting so you too can make a good choice:

( Each one goes of different factors around choosing hosting an a domain name. )

They are just a few to browse for now and will help you get started.. After that it is all about learning to make money.