How Awesome is Alexa Now?

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The new Alexa just got way better! For so many reasons lately I have been ignoring the Alexa Search engine and system mainly because of two factors. They use MSN for search and because the Alexa Score ranking for all my sites went totally out of whack.

Now everything seems to be fixing slowly. It looks like what happened to most people was when changing to there new system algorithm it effected a lot of peoples Alexa scores. If you have not seen the new Alexa yet, you can see it at my Buyers Web Alexa Profile Page as an example here.

Whats New for Alexa –

  • Keywords – Shows top keyword searches for your website
  • Click stream – Shows common clicks to and from your website
  • Search – Shows if your search engine visits have improved or lowered
  • Time On Site – Shows time on site. Important to increase this number to increase website success..
  • Demographics – Shows what gender, what age, what browsing location, what education and if they have kids?? Okay Alexa how do you know about the kids..?

The new features are awesome, so many more options and statistics about a website and in particular one that drew my eye was the Avg. Time on Site. It estimates the duration of time on a website conducted per average visitor. Whether this is fully accurate or not it gives a great indication of what to try to increase. When you think about it each minute that this number is increased means more benefits to all your readers and to your website success. And the best bit about this website stat is it is updated daily by Alexa.

Below is a few Comparisons of the Time on Site Stat from Different Online Blogs..

buyers web alexa statBuyers-web.comIt makes sense to show my own Alexa Stats first, showing most visitors stay for just over 10 minutes. I need to work on that figure.. I am in the Make Money Online and Blogging Tips niche.

lyndsay cabildo alexa scoreLyndsaycabildo.comWow check out her Avg time on Site Stat.. 28.5 Minutes.. Lyndsay is a Blogger friend that I have been helping to make money online from her blog. She is in the fashion niche.

john chow alexa scoreJohnchow.comIf this is accurate, most of John Chows visitors do not stay very long… 3.4 minutes.. John has an excellent Traffic Rank.. John is in the Make Money Online niche.

jovie blogspot alexa – Jovie is an online blogger friend of mine. Her Average visitor stay for her visitors is 4.3 minutes. She also has been online since 2000, same as John Chow…

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  1. Wah..I’m realy gratefull for my mention here,

    However…I just really wondering about….I think something wrong with ALEXA….

    Actually in 2000 I didn’t know about internet, because in 2000 I’m still don’t know anything about internet, it’s very difficult to get online using internet in my country…And also no money to buy the computer…

    And also the first time I knew Internet on 2003 also I just knew how to make email address, how to do browsing, how to chat using yahoo messenger, and nothing, and I knew about blogging on April 2008,

    I started to make my blog on 24 May 2008, so that’s something wrong with alexa rank..?

    Alexa so funny…:))

    • Oh far out thats really bizarre of them getting the year wrong. I think I know what it is though, they are referring to the domain starting in 2000 because your website is a subdomain.

  2. they are referring to the domain starting in 2000 because your website is a subdomain.
    I see….
    btw, thanks very much..;)

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