How can I Increase the number of my Web Site Visitors?

The question How to Increase the number of Web Site Visitors was a question I got asked recently in an email.. The answer to this question can really be broken down into many areas to make a successful high traffic or high visitor web site, the main component however is dedication and time..

Hi Timon,
Can I ask you a favor..  I see your site gets many visitors.. And me
as well want to increase the number of my visitors.. Can you give me
some tips to do that?
From Macmi..

Hey Macmi,
Thanks for the email, I will write a post referring to your question within
the next day or two on
Until then I recommend subscribing to the blogs RSS via email or reader to
keep updated on my blog as I post regular on how to increase traffic and
earnings online..

Kind Regards
Timon Weller

Effective Ways to Increase your Web Site Visitors?

In answer to Macmi’s question below are my recommended tips to help draw more visitors to my blog or website.. All of which have been used by myself many times. All of these tips are FREE methods and have there own post related to its subject on this blog for further reading..

Tip One – Natural Search Engine Visitors This tip draws visitors by creating unique quality content (pages) or new posts on your blog. Try to think of what visitors would search on in the search engines related in your niche and focus on creating posts about these topics..

Tip Two – Comment Visitors One good way to Increase Visitors to your Blog is by regular good commenting, in related Blog Niches..

Tip Three – Viral Advertising Methods Viral marketing or Viral advertising techniques can be used to create more website Visitors as well.. What I mean by viral visitors is traffic that is created and spreads similar to a Virus. Reward systems and affiliate programs are two perfect examples..

Tip Four – Using the social Networks for drawing Visitors Use the social networks to find readers or visitors interested in your blog niche.. This is a very effective way of generating traffic. These visitors can then subscribe (RSS) or visit back often to your blog or web site to read more..

Tip Five – Run your own Affiliate Program Running your own affiliate program can generate massive levels of visitors to your web site if you have a service or product. This traffic is generated by people linking to your product or service you provide and you paying them in return for any sales created.. A win win for both marketer and web site owner by creating visitors to a web site.. For a blog owner it could be for an ebook, dropship related products or whatever you like..

Tip Seven – Article Marketing Visitors Article traffic is another way to draw more visitors to your blog or website. Simply put your blog link in the author section of these articles created to send more visitors your way..

Tip Eight – Mybloglog Traffic Tips A simple technique I used to draw more visitors to a blog through using Mybloglog commenting tools. Mybloglog is a social network where blog owners and readers can work together..

Tip Nine – Use Link Bait or Lure Post Titles to draw More Visitors Simply by using effective post titles and content you can increase the amount of web visitors to your web site and increase the chance of other Bloggers linking to your content. Many top bloggers use this technique all the time as there main way of drawing more web site visitors.

Tip Ten – Contributing unique posts on other related Blogs that except Contributors – Contributing can really increase the amount of visitors to your blog. How they work is some blog owners out there allow you to submit posts on there blog which include a link back to your blog. This will increase your traffic by visits from the blog you have submitted a post on.. A more detailed post about this topic will be coming soon.. By allowing contributors on your own blog to post unique quality related posts you will increase your content which will increase your search engine visitors.. For self hosted wordpress users you can simply select to allow contibutors in your admin..

Tip Eleven – Internal Linking to Increase Visitors Page Views – Another element to consider is Internal linking to other related posts within your content. By doing this you can increase page views of your posts and can also increase readership.. This is highly recommended to do once you have over 100 posts or more..

how can i increase the number of my web site visitors

In a future post I will describe some ways to increase web site visitors via non free methods such as through PPC, Adwords or Bidvertiser.. Until then feel free to subscribe to this blog to receive regular updates.


  1. No Fixed Office says

    There are some really great ideas here. My biggest referrer of late has been Twitter, Plus also some good numbers coming when i do posting on different forums with my link in the signature of my posts.

    The internal linking is something that i am trying to work on a easy way to do with my sites, as i often have some overlap in some posts, but often don’t interlink because of the time it would take.

  2. There are some really great ideas here. My biggest referrer of late has been Twitter, Plus also some good numbers coming when i do posting on different forums with my link in the signature of my posts.

  3. thanks….for really good ideas.

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