How Comments Create Fame for Online Bloggers?

How Comments Create Fame for Online Bloggers?While most bloggers or blog writers have little or no online fame for there name there is one important technique to increase your fame online. First of all we all comment on blogs out there but how often are we? Blog owners love good comments on there blog. I know i receive around 15 to 20 comments a day but unfortunately 90% are spam. However i always except the valid comments related to the post especially if it is the bloggers name.

Use your name instead of Keywords in Comments!

If your a blog owner you would notice how often you receive a comment and it’s title is something like “money store”, “best skin care”, “get rich quick” etc… So many posters only submit a keyword in the comment title or name… Then wait here is one from “kevin gades” or “sally michales” (example names). What’s the thought straight away here, excepted!

Okay, so why names over keywords? Because as a writer what are we really selling here, other than our posts being read. We are selling ourselves. Number 1 is your writing skills. Even if the title or name was say “kevin gades of the get rich quick blog” looks a lot better than just “get rich quick”.

Most Effective way to Create Fame for your Name?

As your name gets more and more seen people will start to remember you in the blogosphere. I cannot recommend enough for people to use there own name in posts and comments. And remember, it will still get you traffic and links to your website. But best of all it will get your name as a writer seen. Just letting everyone, know I mean fame in the blogosphere okay.

How many Blogs before your name is Known?

Okay good question, now that you know that around 90% of comments with real name and related content are excepted it has possibly opened up many more doors for you. It is hard to put an exact figure on how many comments to do, it totally depends on the quality of Blogs but as an estimated figure i would say 10,000 is a good start.

One more thing before I wrap this post up, I would not recommend using automated software for comments. These rarely get excepted as comments and can give a negative effect to a blog writer and get you banned on many blogs….


  1. Hi Timon
    Came here from twitter. 🙂
    Yes, nice article. Somehow you are referring in your post on this thing called ‘branding’ which is really important for anyone who wants to get somewhere and not just beat the air. ‘Branding’ and thus meaning to use ONE user-, bloggername across the social networks, which makes mutual recognisation and friending much more easy.

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hey Wilbau,
    yeah, i have never heard of the reference “branding” for this, however that it is the same thing i am posting about. Getting your name out there as much as possible is so important and yes the social networks, i cannot recommend more for this as well…

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