How to Convert Visitor Traffic to Sales? Length of Stay

The question How to Convert Visitor Traffic to Sales is a very Important question so I know I will need to divide it into parts to describe how it all works.. To read or keep up to date on all the aspects on this I would recommend subscribing via RSS.

First of all to begin with, without knowing how to convert visitors, then making money online is next to Nil.. You could be receiving good traffic, but no sales.. So what is the solution..?

Converting Visitor traffic to sales can be broken into three main areas –

  • Length of Stay
  • Knowing your Marketplace
  • ROI and Creating a Full Time Income

First of all let’s look length of stay of visitors for this post…

Converting Visitor Traffic to Sales and Length of Stay..

If say your blog or website is receiving 1000 visitors a day as an example the first thing you want to do is look at the length of stay per visitor. A good statistics program will help there ( has a good free service for this). What you want to look for is are at least 50% of your visitors staying for over 6 seconds.. If around 50% are staying longer then well done, you pass the first test.. If most visitors are leaving within 6 seconds, then you need to make your website more reader friendly and look at the template you are using as well.. This needs to be worked on until you have a good amount of visitors hanging around on your website.

how to convert vistors to sales

(Visitor length of stay statistics from

With this one about increasing length of visitor stay, think of your readers and what would make them more interested in hanging around more on your website.. It could be free services, social aspects such as commenting or more targeted good content..

In the next post on my How to Convert Visitors to Sales series I will go into Knowing your Marketplace.

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