How do you Make Money Online by using Facebook?

face book make money onlineWhat is Facebook…? Facebook is an online social network that is similar to Myspace although they are slightly different…You can make a Facebook account for your business as well as for your name…Here you can make friends as well as join existing Facebook friends up to your account creating a pool of your friends on your profile..

So here’s the question?

How do you Make Money Online by using Facebook?

How you use Facebook to make money online is by the extra exposure for your already existing online business, here you can gather interested people for your business to a single group, simply Facebook friends…They are a  good extra avenue for your online business and making money online by creating extra traffic for you and traffic from interested people as well…that’s a bonus let me tell you…

We have to remember its through people we make money online too…Sometimes we forget that because it’s through a computer…Facebook is an easy application for creating that link to the people in the one place…Like similar to a fan club, they work better for some businesses online than others..

Also a good thing to remember is this online social network has gotten very popular to the degree that they seem to be second in line to Myspace….


  1. Norhafidz from says

    Facebook is a huge market for online marketing. Thanks for the informative post Weller!

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