How Does an Email Autoresponder Work?

how does an email autoresponder workIf you are new to the concept of email autoresponders then you are probably wondering how they work and if they are a tool that would be effective for your online business.? First of let’s get to the basic explanation..

Standard Email Autoresponder

An email autoresponder is a great online tool that responds to a email request. This can be a standard one reply to all emails sent to a particular email. This one is easy to setup and can be done in 90% of web hosts out there in your own cpanel (or hosting admin) section.

Powerful Multiple Response Email Autoresponder

Another is the more professional style which is a autoresponder which sends a series of emails that respond over time to a subscriber. The power of this form of marketing can be seen all over the Internet and is an effective way to also make money by adding some quality affiliate program recommendations in these newsletters. The possibilities with this form can be anything from sending  e-courses, to free related services and product recommendations to marketing related to your blog or website.

The possibilities are almost endless with email autoresponders.

The best aspect of all is these email autoresponder services are either free or low cost depending on your subscriber base or if your server allows cron (most do these days, cron allows messages to be sent at different times..). Below are laid out the biggest benefits of using a good email responder.

Benefits of a Autoresponder

  • A way to communicate with your Blog readers other than RSS
  • A way to keep readers coming back
  • A way to make money by referring quality related products or services to your online website. This can help your targetted audience by providing info or products they need and also make you some good money.. Some online marketers refer to this marketing as the online atm..
  • Free way of marketing and building traffic once you have a good subscription base and an established website..
  • Builds Branding and relationships with your readers automatically..

Overall, email autoresponders is a online tool that can affordably take a website further than they can by just normal means. To start using a email autoresponder yourself for your own online business visit one of the below popular services.

  • Aweber
  • Getresponse
  • Freeautobot

Or for a kickass free service for wordpress users only, you can use

For wp responder make sure your server is compatible though. A lot are compatible, but some cheap services have issues. To visit my recommended web hosts click here.


  1. i will use autoresponder. That’s my promise. Today, i just try with my own method to make money online.

  2. scott white says

    Good luck with that. You are going to be very busy:-)

  3. An autoresponder does not only make life convenient for others, it also allows you to create any message that you wish to convey.

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