How to find the right Niche Affiliate Programs for your Website?

When deciding to add some affiliate programs to your website it is important to find the ones related to your niche. In fact if the decision making on what to promote is wrong, then making money from your niche can be next to Nil.. One way of finding your niche affiliate is with an affiliate network such as Pepperjam. The other way is manually, both are good to use to work out what works best for you..

When looking for your Niche Affiliate Programs look for the Cool Factor..

Firstly when using an affiliate network such as Pepperjam focus on your main keywords of your site and any affiliate programs in their that relate to those ones.. Even if they are part of an affiliate network it is always important to do your research before promoting. This can be doe by doing a search on others promoting, read some reviews of their experience and checking for payment proofs..

Secondly when it comes to manually finding affiliate programs for a niche website, make sure to check reviews, payment proofs, how it will benefit your visitors and lastly if you would purchase the items yourself. It is one thing to promote something, it is another if you are not interested it yourself. If you find these products or services do not interest you, even if it is related to your niche then maybe your customers may not be interested as well.. I call this the cool factor, when joining an affiliate program make sure it offers a great service or product where your initial thought is that’s cool..

Manually finding affiliate programs will often pay a lot more higher than affiliate networks as the benefits are all passed onto the affiliate member without it being shared with the network manager..

An Example of Niche Affiliate Program Matching

A good example would be if you ran a blog about Dogs.. Affiliate programs to look for this one would be ones selling dog products or services. A good affiliate combination would be a pay per lead, pay per sale and lastly a pay per click combination, as well as to make sure you do your research on the programs you find..

Simple Niche Affiliate Program finding steps..

1. Find Five related programs that fit this your niche, do a search on google or yahoo for your main keywords and affiliate program. eg dog affiliate program

2. Research them for feedback and payment proofs. Sometimes the program may be new so some of your own judgement may be needed here.

3. Check the sales statistics when promoting, if after 200 clicks to the program there is no sales or conversions remove the program and find another in the niche.. Sometimes trial and error is needed to find the best combo for your niche..


  1. Very kewl blog, thoroughly agree with the content, pepperjam seems all the arge at the moment.

  2. Timon Weller says

    Thanks for the visit John, yeah Pepperjam is okay however I find there conversion is quite low in comparison to other programs I recommend. Hopefully that will improve.. 🙂

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