How i Make Money Online Monetizing my Blog?

While there are many ways to monetize your blog i wanted to show you an example of how the Buyers Web Blog is monetizing to give you a better idea of how you can too…  To begin with you don’t need to use Google AdSense alone as your only money source. That was a joke, what i meant by that is don’t just fall into the trap of using only one source of income for your blog. There are many Affiliate programs out there that pay better than Adsense so to use only one source is losing potential income from your blog…

Why Monetize or Use Affiliate Programs on your Website..?

The main reason people monetize there blog or website is it makes money… Good Money… They also provide a service that is related to what the reader wants as well, so you are also helping your readers out. They can also if used right bring more life and color to your blog.

To better understand what i mean about monetizing your blog take a quick look at my current blog design and the space allocated to advertising Affiliate programs.

Sidebar Monetizing

First of all i used a easy to design template that has space in the right sidebar to allow up to 9 125 x 125 size affiliate banners. This gives me 9 avenues that the reader can see easily to make some money.

  • Allposters – Largest Posters and Art Affiliate Program
  • Resellers Hosting – Set your own profit Hosting Affiliate Program
  • Bidvertiser -Contextual Advertising Similar to Adsense
  • Buyers Web Hosting – Discount Hosting Packages
  • Pepperjam – Affiliate Management and contextual Advertising of Affiliate Programs – Over 300 quality Affiliate companys to plug into on your blog..
  • Adbrite – Buy and Sell Ads
  • Performace ads – Buy, Sell or Swap ads to Make Money

Extra Sidebar Money Monetizing

As you can see there are a few Affiliate Programs are here further down the sidebar and even more space is available for more if need be in future.

  • Deal Dot Com – Online Daily Deals lower than anywhere else. Usually web owner focused products.
  • Network Websites

In post (top left) Money Monetizing

At the top left of about 50% of my posts a 250 x 250 affiliate advertisement is there to create monetizing from a lot of my posts. Some of my posts do not have this as i believe a balance is needed between standard image or ad for this space.

Bottom of Post Money Monetizing

As you can see in my posts when not on the homepage down the bottom of them are four different types of monetizing via Affiliate programs and contextual advertising. This allows readers the option to view these after reading the post if they desire.

  • Pepperjam Network – Affiliate Management and contextual Advertising of Affiliate Programs on your blog – Over 300 quality Affiliate companys to plug into on your blog..
  • Bidvertiser Publisher Ads – Ads related to your blog, paid per click.

In Content of the Post Money Monetizing

In the post i have been trying two different types of in content advertising. First one i tried was Mediatext and now currently i am using Kontera. Kontera can be seen by the double underline ads in some of my posts. Also in posts i refer to Affiliate programs or discuss affiliate money making strategies so i add referral links in my posts as well.

  •  Infolinks – In content Contextual Advertising
  •  Kontera ContentLinks

In Future Money Monetizing Ideas on Buyers Web

In future i will be adding only a couple more concepts of money monetizing on the blog. A peel away advertisement for the top right as one and a small image banner to the right of the Buyers Web logo of my main Affiliate Money Source (best earner)…

Now how can you monetize your Blog as well…?

Look at all the options above i have provided as an example of how it can be done first. Second look at your template and work out which space you would like to monetize. Third work out your advertisement size and how many Affiliate programs you want to promote. Fourth keep updated on how to implement these on your blog by subscribing via email to Buyers Web.

One trick is to use a design where the Affiliate links are noticeable but not distracting to a reader. That way you will keep both worlds happy – reader happy as well as keeping sales up. In the next few posts i will write about how you can implement some of these monetizing methods in your WordPress or Blogger template.


  1. I’m subscribed to your email, i can’t wait for the next post on monetizing blogs… I will sign up to some of your recommended Affiliate programs now..

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