How i Rubbed shoulders with High Income Earners?

When i was a few years younger i used to be part of an MLM network company called Omegatrend. During that time i got to spend a lot of time with many people that earned huge monthly incomes like 40,000 to 100,000 dollars per month plus. I got to rub shoulders with High Income Earners as the saying goes.

During this time I learnt a lot of valuable tricks on investing time and how these people earn these amazing incomes. Not only was it due to the network Omegatrend it was also about what they did with there money after they earned it. Most of the techniques were focusing around investing what they earned in profit into shares and from that spending the profit from that.

There whole concept of money was so different compared to the idea of spending what we earned that week and then spending what we earned the following week. The amount of freedom these people had was the main focus that interested me. For all the money that they earned they did not seem to put much effort in.

I worked it all out, as time went on that there income was not only due to the network of Omegatrend but was also about compounding there income they received. All there income went through layers of earning.

An example of compounding Income:

  1. Receiving there Earnings
  2. This would go into a high interest bank account
  3. They would invest large sums into shares and investments and use the profit for living
  4. Then they would repeat the process

What is interesting is that Internet Income is not much different, it is more like an investment and in time the investment pays off. The investment pays off when your website is receiving a lot of unique traffic to whatever service or product you are i rubbed shoulders with high income earnersWhen i started developing my own business online, these are the sort of elements i looked at. The investment, the work effort, security and potential.

The potential was obvious, selling freely to a worldwide audience. This not only created security but it was a smart way to look at any business. The market is a lot bigger when it is worldwide. The effort was very low compared to any conventional business out there and as your site grew in traffic it developed into a good investment. It could earn an amazing income with low amount of effort on your part.

It’s good to remember High Income Earners are the same as all of us. The only difference from what i saw and observed while in Omegatrend and spending time with them, was what they did with the money that they earned. Money creates money…

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