How to know When to End a Relationship?

Okay, so this is not fully related to my blog, but it comes from the understanding that when we are not blogging online we have to focus on another important aspect in our lives, relationships..

These signs below are some top tips to know when a relationship is nearly over, needs to be assessed or when to end a relationship.. Sometimes relationships can be fixed however sometimes they cannot.. This is written from both a guys and girls perspective to answer a lot of questions..

“I hope these tips can help some people address if any issues are in there present relationships or any future relationships..”

Signs to know When to End a Relationship?

1 )  Less Time for you – You start noticing them spending less and less time with you or they prefer alone time with there friends more often.. Sometimes this is not an indication of the ending of a relationship, however if in there friend network they are spending time with other guys i think this is a good indication to discuss with your partner.. If they do not wish to discuss it then it sounds like a good time to end the relationship..

2 ) Drinking or Abusing Drugs when you are around – This one sounds like an escape from being around you.. You may wish to address this with them, if they get upset and do not wish to discuss it then it looks like a good time to end a relationship..

3 ) Less Happy – When you and your partner are with each other you feel less happy, than when you are by yourself. This is a definite sign to know when to end the relationship.. Unless of course you can work out a way to spice it up, it does not sound good..

4 ) Flirting Issues – When you or your partner are flirting with other people and it feels good or exciting then it may be time to assess your relationship.. If this is a more happy time than with your partner then sounds like it is a good time to end a relationship..

5 ) Arguments Becoming Often – While all relationships should not have these often, if arguments ever do start becoming often then it is a time to start trying to resolve this.. If it gets to the case where arguments are more and more often than having fun, then it is definitely time to end the relationship.. I am sorry, but it is true..

6 ) Close Friends telling you to end the Relationship – This is not always the best advice, however friends especially ones close to you can see issues a lot clearer than you yourself can. The best advice is to take note of what they are saying and asking there opinion. Unless you think the situation discussed is resolvable, maybe it is time to end the relationship..

7 ) Comment Below Seven and beyond – Comment about what else you think would indicate knowing when a relationship is over or when to end..?

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