How to Make a Good Web Directory?

A good directory is one way of offering a valuable free service to your website visitors as well as readers as well as help the search engines manage the Internet. It is important to any web owner however to offer a unique web directory service if you do offer one. The main reason is a lot of general directories are being penalized in a way for not being unique enough and for manipulating the search engines… What do i mean by manipulating, i mean selling links… It is okay if the links are free, however if you are selling links that pass page rank, you will be effected eventually…

There is only one way to Stop This if you offer a free General Directory…

  • Add nofollow to links or redirect
  • Do not discuss search engine ranking as a paid service
  • Having thousands upon thousands of Back Links…

There is a better way to create a Directory However…

The best directory now a days is a unique niche category, eg a directory of blogs, a directory of beauty websites, a directory of games websites, etc… You will find these are ranked fine in the search engines and are not getting targeted because they are unique. Unfortunately if you are selling links and do not want to be deranked in the serps you need to add the rel=”nofollow” to all your links to be safe.

Summary of Safeguard Advice If Starting a new Web Directory –

  •   Use a unique niche
  •   Use nofollow if selling links
  •   If a general directory make sure you get plenty of Back Links from quality websites…
  •   Have content in each category other than links to improve low content issues
  •   Make the web directory for Visitors, not for Search Engines..

Soon to be launching on Buyers Web – An Affiliate Web Directory..

A soon to be launching web directory, that Buyers Web will be offering as a service to its readers will be a affiliate web directory. Basically because one of my main focuses on my blog is about how to use the affiliate programs online, this will be a way people can view quality listed programs without having to leave Buyers Web.  I will keep you updated on this service when it is available..


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