How to Make Money From Just Promoting One Affiliate Product?

It is easy to whack up a website or blog these days, so easy that many are doing it, however are you making money? The easy answer is many newbies are not and so i wanted to share a easy technique to change that. Instead of focusing on an overall niche, instead one can focus on one affiliate product and build a site based on that alone. Why would anyone do this you may ask, when we could focus on many products and possibly make more more.

The truth is most people find it very difficult to brand a niche consisting of more than one, however by focusing on one only you can quickly build a site and promote it more effectively.

Would you be surprised if i told many are doing this and making thousands of dollars a week. I am not kidding either. To some this form of marketing is much easier and understandably as well. It is easy to get overwhelmed in one niche when instead if you focus solely your marketing in one area of interest it is much easier to communicate with your audience. I have found this one out with trial and error myself.

So How Can You Do This as Well?

First of all, let’s embrace affiliate marketing overall. It allows us as website owners to create a site and sell something that we find is effective.  This is the key, there is no point selling anything online or offline that you are not interested in yourself or that you would not buy.

Why? Because passion and understanding is key in nearly all forms of marketing. How can one create an emotional response fully when they think the product or service is average as well. However if you really think or believe in the product then how much easier is it to sell. It is much easier, your testimonial being a major influence on your site and branding.

round roof chicken coop

Example Image Above of one unique product that a site could be focused on. The sale amount on this Chicken Coop is over $3000, so one sale a week would earn a amazon affiliate around $200 dollars a week. Please be aware, this is only an example, no keyword research has been done at all and so that aspect should be considered. I would not recommend using this product, it is for example purposes only.

One Affiliate Product To Do List

  1. Choose your product, this could be on Clickbank or on the myriads of affiliate sites, nearly all good sites have affiliate products if you look around. One option is also choosing a good high profit amazon product. If you go with amazon make sure the sale price is over $100 dollars otherwise the conversion profits will be quite low.
  2. Do a reverse search in the keyword tool on Google or on Keyword Spy
  3. Make sure this specific product gets around 200,000 demand per month. That means that around 200,000 of the internet market is looking for this type of product. Your possible audience.
  4. Then look at the competition as well, if it is quite low like under a million sites then you have a good product.
  5. Make a blog based on this product. With url related to product, the shorter the better though so keep that in mind.
  6. List 10 to 20 key questions and facts on this product and do a post of at least 600 to 1000 words on each. Include images and links to your main selling page.
  7. Make one selling page focused on that amazing product you chose and make sure all of your pages link to this page at least once or twice.
  8. On this selling page include the product and all of its amazing properties, benefits, make it like a squeeze with the link button to the product being the key for readers to click.
  9. After that, make sure the blog has a contact us page, about you page explaining why you are so into this product.
  10. amazon top seller secretsInclude a privacy and disclaimer, this is for legal reasons.
  11. Choose of make a unique template for your wordpress blog and make it related to the product. Make it easy for the reader to click through to the product, you could also run a autoresponder where you could offer a discount if the affiliate product allows that.  So make sure that link to the product is near the top of the page for there convenience.
  12. Promote this blog and keep promoting it, this can be done by following my 100 visitors per day formula or by sharing in the social networks and doing guest posts and comments on related blogs.
  13. Allow comments on your blog as well, negative and positive comments are both effective in all forms of selling, they are like testimonials as well.
  14. Watch your traffic grow and monitor your conversions.
  15. If you are receiving one sale per one hundred visits to your product then you are on a winning formula. Depending on your profit ratio this can be a good second income. And example of this, a blog receiving 500 visits a day sends just over 100 visits per to day to the affiliate sales page, 1 of those converts each day. For a product or $30 to $50 dollars profit it means that you will make $30 to $50 dollars per day and to think it is only one product as well. The sky is the limit the more traffic you get, generally the more conversions.


  1. Nice Post, I have always focused on many products as you mentioned as well on one blog. Your perspective of focusing on only one product for commissions has given me so many more valuable ideas. The ideas are endless really.

    Totally bookmarked and subscribed, you have a fan, thanks Timon.

  2. I do this with a number of my sites and it does work better, keeping it simple helps a lot however i never thought on amazon products as a possible opportunity.. You have just opened up another door to me.. 😉

    • Yes, keeping it simple helps a lot.. Amazon is just one example, there are so many options, clickbank, shareasale, niche affiliate programs, the possibilities are quite big yeah..

  3. Great points on promoting, it is easy to get wrapped up in one way of doing things and this gave some perspective on another way. Much appreciated.

  4. Ok, everything look nice, but how you will describe the payment. When they want to order from the website i build, what will happen after that? The customer will be redirect to the source i get (amazon for example) or ?

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