How to Make Money on the Internet?

how to make money on the internetThere are many ways to make money on the Internet yet what can be hard for most people is finding the way that interests them. First of all do not believe the websites out there that say it is just about whacking up a website or blog or signing up to Affiliate Programs and then watch your bank account.

While this would be nice, anything in life requires a bit of effort, however the Internet compared to conventional business out there far out weighs itself in potential. Below are listed some easy to follow steps to guide anyone to making money online or from the Internet.

How to Make Money on the Internet – Step 1 The Tools

  • Set up a Website
  • Set up a Blog
  • Add Content to your Website or Blog
  • Good Template for your Website or Blog

How to Make Money on the Internet – Step 2 The Marketing and Traffic Generation

  • Good Seo Techniques on your website or Posts
  • Back-links or good Related Reciprocal links pointing to your Website
  • Paying for Advertising
  • Lots of content or pages in your website, building your website, eg a 1000 page website has more potential than a 50 page website. By choosing unique niches for your website can also drive more traffic.

How to Make Money on the Internet – Step 3 Related Affiliate Programs, Product Line/Service to your Web Content

  • If for example your blog or website is about Dogs choose pet related Affiliate Programs/Products or Services.
  • Be fussy, if no sales from the Program or product after a couple of months sending traffic to them look for another Program or Product line until sales are good. Unfortunately with some Affiliate programs/Products or Services it can be trial and error.
  • If having trouble finding the right Affiliate Program for your website i would recommend signing up to the Pepperjam Affiliate Program Network which has over 300 good Affiliate companies to choose from to make money from.

How to Make Money on the Internet – Step 4 Keeping your Visitors Longer and Creating Repeat Customers or Readers

  •  If a Blog Owner – use RSS for email subscribers such as Feedburner (if you wish you can sign up to buyers web email RSS in the top right above the right sidebar)
  •  Write good informative posts or pages that helps your readers, solves problems etc…
  •  Use the social networks such as Twitter (you can join below this post)
  •  Keep Posting or Expanding your website

Unfortunately there is no automatic way out there however by email subscribing i can keep you up to date on many ways to make money online as well as tips and tricks to make it easier for you. To subscribe via email RSS click here.


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