How many Blog Posts can you do in a Day?

Basically i wanted to ask everyone about there blog post counts, i have noticed in my long term time of writing my best amount of quality medium to long posts i have achieved in a day is 10 (and that is hard work, sweating…). I have always wondered how many other web site blog owners have achieved in a day. For me alone some blog posts can take me up to 2 hours per post and some more if they require research as well.

“With this in mind, if anyone is interested in writing a post related to my theme on a regular basis feel free to contact me above, as i would be interested in creating a small blogging team. By having a small team i am sure 50 to 100 posts a day could be achieved from a single blog and twenty quality writers…”

How many Blog Posts can you do in a Day?  What is your Record?


  1. My top is 6 in one day, but that was spread over a few websites.
    And sure, while visiting, visit mine too 😉


  2. Around 20-25. I like doing less though. Some posts take much more to research on and write.

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