How many Blog Posts do you Publish a Month?

how many blog posts do you do a monthIf you are a Blog writer this is an interesting question you probably get asked occasionally.

How do we accurateley sum up the amount of posts we usually publish a month?

For me i like to do approximately 2 or more posts a day (70 to 90 a month in may), but next month i might do more or less.

Here are some questions to ask yourself next time you do a post –

  • If say you were paid one dollar per month per post you did would you be more motivated to do more?
  • If say you made an income online blogging would you do more?
  • If say it was your job to do Blog posts how many could you do a day?
  • If you are not a blog writer how many do you think you would do a day?
  • If you are a blog writer have your say below…



    1. Geez, I just read this post and realizes wow, i used to do a lot of posts on this blog, now i will be happy if i do one comprehensive post a week. It depends though on topic, this blogs niche is very overdone and so only so many topics can be done on it. One has to be careful as well when blogging how much they go over one keyword topic as well.

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