How much advertising should i put on my Blog..?

how much advertising should i put on my blog?Well there’s a lot of debate about how much advertising to put on your blog..To this question i believe the best answer is to create a balance of advertising to content…It’s always a good rule not to over advertise on any website including a blog..Some blogs out there over advertise and this can look bad for the reader…

A good method is to only use relevant advertising as i mentioned in an earlier post… A recommendation from me would be to limit your relevant advertising to three banners max unless you are getting a lot of traffic from your website then you can do more…Also you have to remember these are outgoing links as well so it’s people leaving your website…

Some blogs i wont name names…are like 50% advertising and this can look so messy to a reader, however if there getting large traffic then it can look better…Also a good template can help hide the amount of advertising you are doing on your blog as well…

The best thing to do is look at your blog and ask yourself from a readers point of view has it got too much advertising throughout it…Would you like to read it with this much advertising? Another idea is why not do a post on what readers think of all the adverting on your website or blog and see what comments you get as well from them..


  1. Matt Hanson from says

    Good writing on post How much advertising should i put on my Blog..?. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader..
    Matt Hanson

  2. thanks for this post but is there any calculator for that purposed? i’m not talk about PR

  3. I would not recommend a calculator for this sort of estimation as they can stuff up, instead I recommend focusing on adding a small amount of advertising at one time (eg 5) as your website influence increases.. When the influence is really big you then add more..

  4. I guess it also depends on the SHAPE of advertising. The difference in appearance a horizontal box can make from a vertical one is immense. The same with text colour, image vs. text, and so on. All these options should be used well to minimalize the visual impact of advertising, which will in turn make the page look more professional and less cluttered.

    • Timon Weller says

      Hey Jeremy,
      Yeah I totally agree there. Minimize the impact and both reader and website owner are happy.. 🙂


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