How Much Really is a Blog Post Worth?

I was reading an interesting blog post yesterday from Steve wrote a post called :

“How much is a blog post worth? Would you believe $2400 Each?”

I thought his point of view was a wrong way to look at it, so i thought i would write my opinion on what a post or a page is worth? From Steve’s opinion it was to divide the income per month by the amount of pages per month.

Good idea on an even grounding for traffic. But the thing is different pages get different traffic and different pages have different conversions. How much a page or a post is worth can differ heaps based on these two factors? One page could be worth almost no income and another might hold up your website. As an example one page here on Buyers Web quite commonly makes over $100 a day.. Whereas most of my other pages make somewhere around 1 to 5 dollars..

It’s all about how much relevant traffic a post or a page gets that determines how much a page is worth. Yes we could all sum up all our pages and divide it by the month, but really that’s not the way to determine value is it…? A more accurate way to determine a pages worth is to use a stats script to analyse visitors where they come from and what do they click on while there on your pages. Google¬†analytic’s¬†is great for that..

“One page might get 100 visitors a week while another might only get one a week, in the end it really does not matter.. It’s the overall worth of a website that counts…”

Another factor to consider is the value of the content and is it well written? Are the readers or customers interested in this page…? This helps determine a value as well…

A more accurate way to determine how much a blog post worth is?

(Blogs total earnings) divided by (Blogs total relevant visitors that month) times by (Blog page relevant visits per month)

So an example would be if your blog earned $1000 dollars in one month total and your visitors was say 80,000 per month… And one of those pages received 1000 of those searches you would divide the 1000 by the 80,000 visitors then, giving you 0.0125 cents per page view then you would times the $0.0125 views by 1000 and you would get a page value for that page of $12.50…

The Maths of blog post worth…

1000 / 80000 = 0.0125 x 1000 = $12.50

Does this really show a blog post worth?

Even all of these equations doesn’t give the real value of a single post or page, but gives a more accurate average look at an individual posts worth…how much is a blog post worth?Other stuff to consider is how many clicks off that page in a month and how long a person stays on that post generally…So by the end the equation gets more and more complex.

In the end it’s back to just, lets just simply say this page gets a lot of visitors and my blogs worth is this much per month…We can’t even average out how much a Blog is worth per month as income can fluctuate so much online…

Hopefully Steve does not think about blog post worth too much.

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