How much Unique Traffic do you need to make Good Money?

how much traffic do you need to make good moneyHave you ever wondered how much unique traffic you need to get money from your website or blog? Well there is so many factors here ranging from what the customer or reader wants from your website. Generally though if a person is searching for hemp clothes and you own a hemp clothes website when they get to your website from that search then it is a closer sale than just a unique visitor.

Here is some factor elements that make results, then after i will generalise a traffic amount.

  • 50% of the traffic is Unique targeted traffic
  • 80% of traffic or more is from the search engines
  • A good template for readers and buyers. eg. good pics, colour placement etc.
  • Well written content

Ok you think you have all them then lets look at the figures. I have always found anything over 500 unique visitors a day consisting of many of the elements above will generate an online income. Although it depends on what you see as a good income. For me if one website generates around $800 a month it is great.

Here’s the figures….

From my own research and experience 500 visitors a day (with the above elements) can generate around $800 dollars a month.

How many pages in my website do i need to get that much unique traffic you might ask?

Well it depends on the product or service, i have seen that amount of targeted traffic with 400 pages. However while I’m generalising around 1000 pages on your Blog or on most websites can generate this amount of traffic. All taking into consideration keyword placement in the search engines etc.

If a thousand visitors doesn’t however, you could just keep writing or making content till 500 unique is achieved. Sorry if it’s not as easy as it


  1. Is that 500 visitors or 500 pageviews? Or, is it a blog getting 500 visitors with a lot of pageviews?

    Is the money coming from sales or advertisment?

    I agree that most of your traffic must be from people who WANT to visit your site i.e. unquie traffic from search engine as opposed to getting it from paid links or a traffic exchange.

    I would tell anyone creating a site right now to concentrate on getting traffic to your blog or website before considering how much money can be generated.

  2. Timon Weller says

    Hey Vloghog,
    500 visitors is what i have had good results on… For 500 visitors it would be more like 2000 to 2500 page views a day…

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