How to Start Blogging for Money?

how to start blogging for moneyThere are many ways to make money online and one of the main ones i discuss a lot on this blog is making money from Blogging. For anyone new to making money online, you might be thinking how do I start blogging for money? I have added ten steps for beginners to show the process to get anyone started with Blogging.

10 Steps to Start Blogging for money for beginners –

  1. Purchase a good Hosting deal and domain name such as from Duoservers ( Recommended) . Making sure that the hosting supports WordPress (I use) or other Blogging Scripts. Not sure what to blog about? Well the best answer is about anything you are interested in and that you like talking about offline. When choosing a good domain name make it relate to the blog.
  2. Install the wordpress of Blogging script on your host
  3. Choose a good unique template for your script
  4. When you have written about a hundred or more posts start adding some advertising and affiliate programs links like the ones on this blog. Some I recommend if related to your blog – Allposters, Resellers Panel, Bidvertiser for contextual, Cardoffers (credit card affiliate program).
  5. Keep writing regular posts like one a day and you will get a regular fan base for your blog.
  6. Add feedburner to gather email subscribers of interested readers
  7. Use the social networks such as digg and stumbleupon in your posts so people can add your listings to the networks and generate more traffic
  8. Comment on other related blogs and create a social world around your blog to get your name out
  9. Advertise on other related Blogs
  10. Keep writing interesting and informed blogging posts and your income will grow as your blog grows.

“When starting out Blogging, it’s good to learn from the people who are already making money online such as myself…”

Overall if used properly blogging is definitely one of the biggest ways if not the biggest way to create an income online. If this post helped you why not stay informed by email and subscribe to Buyers Web or submit this post to one of the social networks below.


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