How to add Bidvertiser to your Feeds?

There is a new way of advertising with Bidvertiser where you can add it to your RSS feeds, that way if you have readers or subscribers reading your RSS you can be earning money from that as well… To do this simply first log into your Bidvertiser account. If you are not already a Bidvertiser publisher you can join for free by clicking here.

how to add bidvertiser to your feeds

Once logged into your Bidvertiser publisher account on the first page simply click on Bidvertiser Ads for RSS/ATOM feeds as seen above in the image. Once in there enter your feed url of an account you are using with Bidvertiser eg After entering your feed url enter a unique feed title for that feed so Bidvertiser can track your clicks. If you use feedburner there is an option there for it as well..

how to add bidvertiser to your feeds

 Verify your Blog Feed for Bidvertiser

After clicking next you will be taken to verify your blog or website RSS. Here you simply add a small bit of code to a new web post or page and is published and click verify. Once verified you can delete this post. After this is done your RSS feeds will be confirmed you are the owner and be ready for the Bidvertiser ads.

For more information or to sign up to be a publisher for Bidvertiser Ads and make some money click here.

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