How to balance the way we see money?

Have you ever thought about the way you see money and how it effects you…? It is important to regularly step back and think about how to balance the way we see money…? Why not ask yourself a few questions about how money makes you feel:

  • Am i able to be good to myself financially without feeling guilty…
  • Do i bring in enough money that you are comfortable?
  • Do i have enough money to share with others in my life?
  • Are you consumed with the idea of money or intimidated?
  • Are you aware of how the flow of money is or works?

As you read the money questions ask yourself does any effect you in any way…? Which ones relate to you, and do you feel it is beneficial to your life or are you living a balanced life with money and family…?

“Money is but a tool in life, not a way to live your life…You must rule money, not it rule it”

As i mentioned in an earlier post it is amazing how much thought effects us…If we constantly analyse and think a certain way then we create what we think…For a moment just step back, take a deep breath and think is my life the way i want it, is this how i visualised it in my head…? If it’s not and money is the reason, then you need to work out the balance to how you see money…and how you want to live your life…?

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