How To Be A Good Blog Writer?

I have been asked this question a number of times lately so i thought i would do a quick post on it. How do we get better at writing in Blogs. The answer to that is simply the easiest one. You get better at writing Blog posts by writing Blog Posts. I know It sounds really simple but that is the truth about nearly everything, keep at it for a while and you will get better. That is not say that spelling and grammar are key, they are not, many big time bloggers, such as shoemoney have spelling mistakes all throughout there blog and they still are one of the top affiliate marketers in the world.

It is all partly due to perspective on the situation as well.. While his spelling is not the best, he is engaging with his audience and thus sells a lot of products due to it.

“Before you walked you crawled, but over time you learnt to not only walk but run…Same thing with writing…You will get better over time…”

Some elements that will help contribute to make you a better Blog Writer –

  • Being yourself
  • Practice and over time you will develop your own style
  • Pictures in Posts
  • Good post structure, paragraphs, links, etc

Being yourself is really the most important and remember a picture can always say a million words. Overall when writing in time you will get better at it, like anything.

Think Outside the Box

There are other aspects to consider as well, one being what you are writing needs to be a passion, the passion simply cannot be making money, if that was the case so many bloggers would not make, the passion has to be related to your niche. This will come out in your words and excitement and in way readers can read passion like glue but ignore sales hypes like they are worthless.

Once you find your niche, check the demand and then have fun. See it like a project and projects do not make money straight away, that always comes later. Focus on providing something different as well, there is so much crap on the internet these in order to be better you need to be different in that niche.. Think outside the box with this one, it maybe making a product for that niche or having a newsletter around a high demand bit of content or video. Each to there own, make sure each page has a purpose and for your whole site to have a purpose as well.

What is Your Sites Focus

Take this site as an example, it’s purpose overall is to help others make money, however it does that but offering a newsletter that converts at around 17% of all new readers. This means that my focus is to get people on my list, so they know me more, keep them captured and to along the way recommend so valuable products.

So my number one focus here is sign ups? So, now ask yourself, what is your sites focus and how will it help your readers improve there life..? How does it make an impact?


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