How to be a Super Affiliate Blogger & Tips!

Are you a Super Affiliate.? Or do you want to be a super affiliate blogger..? Well anyone can be, here is a list of to do’s to begin developing a super affiliate income..

“First of all if you are unsure of what I mean by a super affiliate, I mean an affiliate marketer that earns a passive income from affiliate programs.. An income which allows you to quit your job or whatever you choose.. That is up to you..”

1 )    Purchase paid hosting – This is the first step, there are so many good paid hosting providers, to view some of the paid hosting providers I recommend go to my previous post – Cheap Affordable Web Hosting.

Paid Hosting is important for up time, search engine ranking and image online to your web visitors.. It is a small investment and in the end it worth it, trust me..

2 )  Choose a domain name related to Interest – Choose a domain name related to your interest for a blog, whatever you interest is, is the best focus for your blog, as long as there are other people interested in this niche as well.. An example of some niches is golf blog, swimming blog, home improvement, etc, etc Tip – Be specific to drive interested people to your blog..

3 )   Choosing a blogging platform – I would recommend WordPress however it is totally up to you.. Duoservers Web Hosting has an automatic install of WordPress option on sign up that can save you many hours of frustration for newbies..

4)  Brainstorming – Brainstorm about 100 plus posts related to your niche to write about.. Make them unique and well written, use spell check can help for newbies..

5 )  Use the Social Networks – Once you have written and posted hundred posts on your new blog, you are at the beginning… Add some plugins such as socialize me to allow visitors to share your posts with the social networks..

6 )  Join Mybloglog and Blogcatalog – Two powerful blog social networks that will bring traffic to your blog and allow more readers to see your post..

7 )  Post Two Posts a Day – Until you have over 500 good posts I would recommend posting at least 1 times a day, quality is key here, focus on posts that cover topics and write at least 500 words in your post as well.

8 ) Add related Affiliate Programs – Once recieving more than 100 unique visitors a day add some related affiliate programs and ppc programs (such as the new Infolinks or Bidvertiser) ..

9 )  Comments – Comment around on blogs related to your niche to create extra traffic and back links.. You can also add your blog to many directories to create even more traffic..

super affiliate blogger

10 ) Subscribe to my RSS – Optional but allows you to keep up to date on other Affiliate Program Tips. Hmmmm yes, Important one. If you can think of any other affiliate blogger tips in particular for newbies please comment below..


  1. i have been using word press and i love it

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